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Customized Software Development and Technical Consulting

Objective Software Solutions develops customized software applications for organizations of all sizes. We also provide Technical Consulting Services for Sydney and Newcastle based clients. Typically our company becomes involved with a new client or project under one or more of the following circumstances

  • When a client cannot find an off the shelf package to meet their needs
  • When a client has several off the shelf packages and they need them to talk to each other i.e. they need to be integrated to allow the exchange of data.
  • When a client's application needs to communicate via Business to Business (B2B) software e.g. an organization that needs to communicate with government departments.

Objective Software Solutions also specializes in Enterprise Architectures and Enterprise Modeling. Our Software Development approach is based on Industry Best Practises and Continual Improvement. With extensive experience and skills in Enterprise Requirements Elicitation, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Database Development, Technology Integration and Technical Documentation, we are able to develop highly flexible solutions to meet clients needs.

Objective Software Solutions can also deploy Web Content Management Systems for small-medium businesses, as well as more complex internet applications that integrate with back-end applications and / or an enterprise database. By using Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) we ensure that whether your business is running your applications from the internet, from a PC or a mobile device, your operations behave consistently.

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